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String Winders

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Guitar Knowledge 101 includes knowing how and when to change your guitar strings. Pegwinders help you complete that task with ease. Pegwinders make the usually tedious process of replacing or changing your guitar strings faster and more efficient than winding strings by hand. Ernie Ball carries both manual and battery-powered pegwinders so that you change your guitar strings in the way that you are most comfortable with.

When changing your guitar strings with your Ernie Ball pegwinder, make sure that you replace one string at a time. While removing all of the guitar strings at once might seem more efficient, it can permanently damage the neck of your guitar or bass. Also, use caution when tightening guitar strings, otherwise they might be wound too tightly and will be prone to breakage. Realize that new strings will require some stretching and play before they will stay in tune.

The most basic and trusty Ernie Ball Pegwinder is a manually operated device. This durable, handy tool is made from hardy plastic and you never have to worry about it forgetting batteries. A great tool to add to any guitar case in case you need to change a string last minute before a gig.

A step up on the pegwinder scale is the Power Peg. The first of its kind, this self-contained motorized pegwinder allows you to restring your guitar or bass up to 70% faster than the Ernie Ball Pegwinder! It is powered by four AA batteries and features a universal peghead that fits virtually all guitars and basses.

The ultimate pegwinder, the Power Peg Pro, is the most robust and productive pegwinder of its kind. The latest addition to the Ernie Ball Pegwinder family, it features a wider head that fits all guitars and basses. It will help you restring your instrument 80% faster than manual pegwinders, as it is equipped with more torque that is able to work with all tension requirements. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, you never have to worry about buying replacement batteries.

For more tips on which pegwinder fits your needs, how to change your guitar strings, or any other possible guitar or bass question, check out the Ernie Ball forum. Post a question, a cool picture of your guitar or thousands of other threads relating to Ernie Ball Musicman products.

Find all Ernie Ball guitar accessories, including all three pegwinders, at a music store near you. When you are ready to buy, find locations that carry Ernie Ball products with our Store Locator.