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Acoustic Guitar Strings

Acoustic Guitar Strings

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About Acoustic Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball acoustic guitar strings offer musicians the power to handpick the sound of their music. Acoustic guitar strings influence the overall sound and tonality because there are no pickups or amplifiers to interfere. Just pure music.

Iconic musicians including Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Dierks Bentley, Keith Richards, and Angus Young utilize Ernie Ball acoustic strings to create their music.

Our famous Earthwood acoustic guitar guitar strings are just one of the many choices that musicians have. With over 100 options of the best acoustic strings to choose from, every kind of musician will find the right fit for their playing style. Ernie Ball acoustic guitar strings come in a number of different high quality materials including aluminum, bronze, nylon, phosphor, and stainless steel. Generally, bronze strings translate to a bright tone, while phosphor bronze strings lead to a warmer tone. Stainless steel typically produces a softer tone and nylon guitar strings bring a clear and rich tone.

Our acoustic guitar strings line includes Aluminum Bronze, Earthwood 80/20 Bronze, Paradigm 80/20 Bronze, Everlast Coated Phosphor Bronze, Paradigm Phosphor Bronze, Earthwood Phosphor Bronze and Everlast Coated 80/20 Bronze.

Our guitar string sets are available for 6-string and 12-string guitars. We also offer 5-string sets for Mandolin and Banjos. Individual gauge strings are also available.

When finding the right fit for your acoustic guitar string needs, consider the body style of the guitar, your own playing style, the desired tone, and finally, the age and condition of your instrument. These will determine which material and gauge is best for you and your guitar. Experiment with what feels best to you and what sounds best for the kind of music that you want to produce. Also remember that lighter gauges are generally best for beginning musicians, while heavier gauges are used by more experienced musicians.

Explore all of the Ernie Ball guitar strings online and then pick them up at one of the 5,500 music stores that sell our products. Find the store nearest you using the Store Locator. And make those strings last longer by wiping them down after every play.